About GoScour

Our mission is to create a more fair, accessible, and transparent alternative data platform.

Let us scour the web in search for unconventional data that hold valuable and actionable insights on your behalf. GoScour is an alternative data platform for the individual investor. We hope our metrics are leading indicators and play an integral part of your research. As much as I would like to lean on the mighty ‘we’, the full team is small and consists of a single individual. Hi, my name is Harveen Atwal. I am completely independent, self-funded, and bootstrapped.

Development began at the height of the 2021 GameStop short squeeze with the hope of surfacing simple statistics for popular Reddit subreddits such as r/wallstreetbets and r/StockMarket to Redditors. That dataset is now available and allows everyone to know which companies are being talked about on Reddit.

I plan to continue developing GoScour to surface many other datasets during my spare time. Over time GoScour will become the hub for monitoring alternative company activity. In the meanwhile, I want to personally thank you for being an early GoScour adopter!